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Amidst Traffic

Amidst Traffic - Matthew Kovalcik (Photographer) What part would you change in the story, and why? Authors write a book/novel and we as readers try to solve/see the message. There is always a reason for how a book was written. I would not change a thing in Amidst Traffic. Sauret provided a very deep read and I enjoyed it.

What problems does one of the characters have, and how does he or she solve it? The story “The Problem with My Shoes”, Scott believes his shoes are talking to him. He admits himself. But does he ever really come to terms with his talking shoes or is he just imagining it?

How did you feel about the main character? I liked Thomas. Unsure if he should be classified as the main character, but I felt empathy for his home life. He was just a kid trying to get ahead, escape a bad situation, and understand the big meaning of life. I believe he got 2 out of 3 in that.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.