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Shadow Cay

Shadow Cay - Leona Bodie What are some of the major themes of this book? Corruption, deception and the Colombian drug cartel. Some of the passages about drugs funding companies were truly revealing and I wonder if this really happens in real life.

Favourite character(s) … I am at a cross between Peter and Madeleine. Peter was the typical hero, while Madeleine was a combination of a damsel in distress and Ms.Marple. It was a power combo that kept the pages turning.

Did you find that the cover and title represented what the story was really about? Shadow Cay, I understood but quite a few of us at the book club didn't understand the cover. Was it a window? A brooch? In other words, the title represented the story but not the cover.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.