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The Granite Key: Arkana Archaeology Thriller Mysteries #1

The Granite Key: Arkana Archaeology Thriller Mysteries #1 - N. S. Wikarski List of facts? Sybil was murdered by Leroy. Abraham said he was a profit. Daniel was his son. He had many wives and said, women were around just to have children.

There was a secret society called Arkana. They searched for artefacts. Cassie seen Sybil's murder n a dream. Abraham ordered Leroy to kill to get the key. The Arkana wanted the key too. Abraham ordered Daniel to decipher the codes.

Places in book? Chicago, India, Africa, Portugal, Holy Land, Greece, Illinois, England, Britain, North America, United Nations, Alaska, New York, Europe.

Would you recommend this book? I would, the author is definitely a writer you need to read at least once BUT I would prepare readers for the open ending.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.