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The Silver Sphere

The Silver Sphere - Michael Dadich
If you could continue the story, what events would you include? Why?
How people would explain their absence on earth to others. This was not explained in the ending. Would have been interesting to know how the author explained this.

Tell in your own words the beginning of the book.
Six different teenagers are taken. No trace of where or how they were taken. It is almost like they vanished into thin air. On a distant planet, each of these teenagers enter different areas. They are met by interceptor.

What did the title have to do with the book?
The Silver Sphere, this is talked about throughout the book. The author did not provide a detailed description, however I imagined this to be a type of sword - something used to fight the evil forces trying to take over the planet.

At the end of the book, do you feel hope for the characters?
The ending only had information about Shelby. I felt great hope for Shelby and her home life (with her father) changing. I do not know about any other characters or what happened after they returned to earth.

Did you find any flaws in the book?
My only problem with the book is I had a PDF copy. When I transferred this to my Kindle lines, pages, & paragraphs were broken up.

Disclosure - I received a complimentary copy from the Orangeberry Book Tours which did not influence my review.