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Ghost Leopard: A Zoe & Zak Adventure (Volume 1)

Zoe & Zak and the Ghost Leopard - Lars Guignard What do you think will be your lasting impression of this book? How Zoe and Zak allowed the leopard to stay hidden. They were truly creative and I loved how the author conveyed this.

Which character could you relate to best? I relate to Zoe the best. She is quirky and yet lovable at the same time.

What are the most revealing scenes? Loved the scene with the elephant blowing snot all over Zak's head. I could so picture that. My other favourite scene was when they met face to face with the leopard.

What would the main character be likely to do if s/he visited? Zoe would explain why she didn't take a picture of the leopard

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.