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The Morph (Gate-Shifters, #1)

The Morph - J.C. Andrijeski What alternative title would you choose for this book? I wouldn't pick an alternative title. "The Morph" suited the story and it made complete sense very early on in the story.
Share a quote or two from the book.

Does it keep you in the form you're in currently? Like, you're locked now, so you stay human until someone unlocks it? I liked this quote the best because it came at a time when I was asking the same question Dakota was and really needed some kind of explanation.

Share a favorite scene from the book. When Nik falls to the ground and I thought he was hurt or never wake up again. I really felt Dakota's despair in this scene and wanted things to get better for her.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.